Can-i-do a Ban-do?

via Emma Fisher on Pinterest

Ever since Lizzie and I stumbled across a super cute little store {somewhere in London – I forget, it’s all so big} selling feather headbands have been looking for something similar for a friends wedding to go with a beautiful navy silk dress i have rediscovered {read: can fit into again}

This one in the ban-do sale has already been snapped up – for the $25 sale price tag I probably would have shelled out but since that isn’t an option, i have decided to try and fashion my own. it can’t be THAT hard can it? I think with a bit of patience and a lot of no more nails I’ll be sorted.

And I am thinking discard the green beading in my plans – although I think I am now in love with that colour combo – and just use some navy ribbon to fasten the feathers to the headband. For one, it looks like it might take a bit of time unless I can find some pre-strung beads, and I think maybe the green might make it less wedding-y.

Now to find a navy headband and some navy feathers. hmmmmmmmm. this might be the tricky bit.

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