Building a new life

With the move to Sheffield looming ever closer, and becoming more real as we discuss the logistics of living together, the furniture we need and the changes that we’ll need to make,  I am starting to realise that I really am picking up and moving my life. I know it’s not far, but its going to be a big change for me.  

And something that is becoming increasingly important for me is that I want to be able to build myself a friendship group outside of the ‘SVC’ {the pet name for little group we have at the moment}. The boy has a pretty full life with his football/tennis/playing fifa{?} and so I dont want to just be sat at home with his housemate whilst he is doing these things. 
And yes, I have friends in Sheffield, but they have lives themselves so I don’t want to be reliant on those people to build my life. I always think it’s harder to make friends as you get older though, so I know it won’t be as easy as it used to be. 

There are things I want to start/carry-on doing. There are things I want to learn about. And I have a feeling that by joining groups and getting out it’ll be my best bet to meeting people. 
So if you are in or around Sheffield {I know from my stats that I have some readers in Shef} and might be able to point me in the right direction then please shout up;

I want to find; 

  • A yoga studio. I want to get back into yoga. I used to love the feeling of lightness after a class – so any good places for classes in S7 or nearby, please let me know.
  • A buns and roses style group. I know of the Seven Hills group but it appears they are super full. I have emailed to ask about them, and they take guests, but not many. 
  • Somewhere I can learn to use my sewing machine and follow patterns. Any clues?
    • And does anyone know where there are haberdasheries in Sheffield? Obviously Coles have their bit, and Ish on Sharrowvale have amazing fabrics, but there must be some others! 
  • I would quite like to get involved in some ‘geek girl’ activity too. I will definitely need to keep up with this stuff for work, and I find it interesting too. Googling has not thrown much up, besides a website that’s not been updated since last year. So, whats the crack? Someone must know about it. 
And whilst I am at it, I need to find a good hair dressers in Sheffield. This has nothing to do with the move – I would quite happily  travel the length of the country to go to my regular hairdressers – but inconsiderately Beccy is pregnant and I am not sure she’d be too happy about cutting my hair on her maternity leave……

So, can anyone help? 


  1. I know nothing about Sheffield but good luck with your move, and yes, be sure to keep up with your own life.


  2. It does get harder to make friends, especially when there's not something like university which makes for easy ways to meet people. Your ideas all sounds great – also how about a book club?

    Best of luck with the move – I am sure you will create a new circle of friends and experiences very soon.

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