Travel: Bookings are now being taken up until September……..

In a somewhat reckless move, I am currently booking events and making plans all the way through the summer, and right up until the end of September……maybe later if Jim gets a date to get his bloody ACL fixed – in which case I’ll be drawing up plans for snowboarding next season.
Sod the notion that someone with stage IV cancer shouldn’t look past their next scan (which is coming round at an alarming rate and I’ve got some scanxiety due about the middle of february) I am already planning past the NEXT lot of scans! 
Me, I’m currently all about the next thing to look forward to and then the next thing, and the next thing.
We might not be able to sod off on a 3 week trip around California again – ailing bank accounts notwithstanding, my treatment plan currently doesn’t allow for us to leave Sheffield for more than 2 weeks at a time – but we are cultivating a summer full of fun and adventure. 
I currently have 4 beer festivals in the diary, a hen do (Sam if you’re reading this, the stripper is confirmed!), some gigs, weekends away visiting friends a trip to Berlin, a trip to Copenhagen, a week in a chateau in France for a wedding, Glastonbury, a week sailing and various other fun events to be thrown in there too!
I have literally no clue how I am going to finance these trips (more to come on money and cancer I suspect at some point) but I feel like it’s really important to have these things to look forward to. To not let myself, or Jim, become a slave to the scans, or the fact that at the moment I have to be at the hospital or doctors every other week. There’s no point having all this treatment to prolong my life if it’s not a great life, is there?
What do you think? I am crazy or doing the right thing? 

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