The big 30

This week I turn 30. 
It’s one of those big birthdays that I was told I had to make a big deal out of, so I am throwing a party {which if I am honest, I kind of wish I wasn’t having to organise now, but hey – it’ll happen and I’ll see my friends and it’ll be fun!}

The thing that annoys me the most is that everyone around me seems to expect me to be going through some sort of life crisis, but I don’t think I am. The young boy on my team at work {he’s 23 I think} keeps asking me if I am making the most of my last week of youth. Work mates keep asking me how I feel – ‘like I need a hair cut’ is what I tell them. The housemate keeps telling me I will start to fall apart once I hit 30, almost as if she is willing me to {like she did}.

But I can’t imagine that it’ll be any different.

Yes there are thing I ‘should have done by the time I’m 30′. But I let go of those things a long time ago when it became apparent that life wasn’t going the way my mind had it mapped out and I dealt with that then. I’m just not sure how to disappoint these people who keep asking me if I’m ok.

So my life isn’t how I envisaged, and yes, maybe it’s not quite how I want it to be, but you know what I don’t think I’m about to fall apart in front of your eyes.

Because if I had my way at 30 I wouldn’t be living in a room in a flat, I’d have space and rooms and places that things fit. If I had my way, I’d be financially, well, better. But also, if I had my way I’d be living near the beach. Or the mountains. Jared Leto and I would be living happy ever after. I’d have a monster truck. I’d have a darkroom. And I’d have a smaller waist and smaller boobs. And a puppy. I would love a puppy.


  1. I know what you mean – I turn 30 in 3 months and people are already asking me the same questions. Even the missus has started calling me an old man!!

    The one thing I am liking is that next time someone spots my hair is thinning a bit, at least I can say "What do you expect? I'm in my 30's!"

    Though to be honest, it does feel a bit weird. It's brought forward a sense of urgency about things I never considered before. Like at 30 I'd have been smoking half my life – that realisation freaked me out! Also I was about 7 when my mum hit 30, which is just bizarre. No wonder they keep getting on at me about why I'm not married yet. 😉

    Still, as long as you have you health, your friends and a place to live you've got nothing to worry about. In fact, I'm quite looking forward to hitting 40 so I can get away with dancing like a dad at a wedding without people thinking I'm a weirdo! 😀

  2. I turned 30 last year as did lots of my friends and the year before too. Some of them wanted to run and hide and play it down. Not me. I bloody loved it. I too had a big party but that's not what I loved. I just love the more relaxed feeling I have about things. I've always been confident but now I'm not so worked up about stuff. I've got good health, amazing friend and a loving family. I'm lucky and if the next 30 years are anywhere near the last then bring it on!

    I do worry about looking a bit older as the boyfriend is only 23 but so what!

    Have an amazing time. x

  3. Love cat – its good to hear positive comments from the 'other side'. I live with a girl for whom being in her 30's is the worst thing ever and was making me dread the day…..

    And Chrismou – that is a great way to look at it. If anyone comments on crows feet or wrinkles, that will be my answer from now on!

  4. Everyone tells me the 30s are the decade when women get a lot more confident. So you've got that, as well as a great party, to look forward to!

    And also, you look nowhere near 30!

    Happy birthday – have a great day.

  5. Em,

    I'm far, far into my 30s, and I did have a mini-crisis at that milestone birthday. I still joke about turning 29 again and again. It sounds like you've got it sussed and it's great that you can welcome the next decade with open arms. Enjoy your party and have a great birthday!

    All the best,
    Keenie Beanie

  6. Oooh I'm 30 in a few weeks, feeling ok about it….my mums the worst though! She will not shut up about it, pretty sure she's freaking out about having a 30 year old child. Me, not so much though. Teeny high five for that.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Haha. Every time my mum tells me how old I am, I reminder her that that means she's even older…….It goes down well!

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