Bevar Hardanger

Image from Northcape on Flickr

My beautiful Norwegian friend, Trude Kristin, sent round a facebook appeal yesterday to save an area called Hardanger in Norway, from development with power cables.

She tells me it is the most stunning part of the country and that the government have decided to destroy it with these cables that will not only see the picturesque landscape ruined, but also dug-up and disrupted.

I thought I would try and help her in her quest to get as many people to sign up to the ‘Bevar Hardanger’ or Save Hardanger.

If you would be willing to put your name to the campaign, please follow this link, click the ’skriv-under’ button on the left hand side {near the top} and pop your name down.

{It might help if you also click the Google Translate button. I did and found out some amazing things about the region, and also what to put when I signed!}

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