Best laid plans and all.

About 3 months ago, after a particularly vigorous pinning session, I started my handmade Christmas present planning. I figured it all out, on a spread sheet and everything {Lizzy,
you would be proud!}, what needed to be done when, when I wanted things completed by, which month I would pay for
things, and how they’d be packaged. I even started on a couple of the projects
that needed a while to, hmmmm, cure.
But that is pretty much where I stopped. The
plan was to create about 8 different things and package them all up prettily and
have all, bar one, done by the start of December so I didn’t have the stress
and rush that the old housemate and I had last year when we decided to hand make a load of gifts and didn’t really give ourselves enough time.
Well, as it stands I have two gifts finished, and
another is half made, but nowhere near ‘done’, the craft room/dressing room/junk room is a mess of bits of twine and scraps of fabric and I am fast running out of time
to get them completed by ‘fake christmas’ at the boy’s family in a few weeks.
Plus I
still have a crafting afternoon to host, a baby gift to make for my friend Sammy, and the Pretty package
exchange to do. What with a few weekends away planned in and my evenings quickly
filling up, I think it might be time to re-evaluate the plans I had and scale
back slightly.

And I haven’t even started thinking about bought Christmas gifts, decorating a
tree, or the boys birthday at the start of January! Yikes. 

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