The best laid plans

This week I had ideas of blog posts planned in my head, and a lot of exercise to do, and cakes to trial and new company meetings to attend and some birthday gift crafting to get sorted and a boyfriend who is snowboarding to ignore.

Unfortunately my body had other plans and I got sick and had to sleep most of the free time I had – it wasn’t nice or fun. I am not a great patient. Especially when I am trying to look after myself. There was a small plus side to the whole affair, having not eaten for 2 days my tum has shrunk massively and my skinnies fit way better! I know the minute I start back eating at a normal rate it’ll all change but lets look on the bright side shall we!

I made it to the meeting, but the rest of it fell way and truly by the wayside 
But this weekend I have to start packing up my room for the move, that present crafting to begin thinking about, plus I have a uni friend visiting and we have a lot of gossiping to do, a lot of pink wine, prawns and sweet chilli dipping sauce to consume. And I suppose at some point I ought to see the boy and hear about how amazing his holiday {I promise you I am not bitter. Honest!}. 

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  1. Em, I'm glad to hear you're recovering from that demonic bug you caught. In your place, I wouldn't be bitter about the boy's holiday. OK, I totally would.

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