#BEDM Travel Dreams

Today’s prompt is ‘If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would it be?’ but I just couldn’t narrow it down to one place. There is just too much I want to see. 

I didn’t do the ’round the world’ trips when I was in the gap year point of my life. They don’t let you have enough snow. But I have been pretty lucky to have had the chance to live in ski resorts in France and America, and spend a summer on the beach French Rivera, to spend a summer in Miami, and take trips to Goa and Morocco and Norway and all those other holidays I’ve had. 

But if there was unlimited money, and unlimited holiday, then I want to; 

Drive across America for a meandering, lazy, stop where-ever we want and explore, trip. 
Visit New Zealand – for the snow, yes, and for the space and the sea and it all.
Go back to the South of France and revisit Porquerolles and Giens and Hyeres. 
Go to Vancouver {and maybe, never come back?}
And I want to see Japan. I read the snowflakes are the size of your hand. 
And visit India whilst the boy is there, well, Kerala specifically. 
And see the Northern Lights

And and and……….if I don’t stop here, this could be a mammoth list!


  1. I'd love to do more of the drive across America lark too, one without a freeway/interstate in sight because you never see anything on those darn roads.

    I always wanted to visit Indian when I was growing up, I love all their vivid and vibrant use of colour in everyday life.

    1. I wish Jim made more of being in India,but I think his trips there are so every day that he's over it – if I got out there I'd be photographing everything…..

  2. I felt the same 🙂 its a never ending list.

    Japan and the the northern lights are on my list too!

  3. I have a thing about going to America and going across it by Amtrak. I have a weird obsession with trains – probably because I'm on them so much over here!

    1. I did that in 2011 – best summer of my life, it was amazing! I blogged about it at the time (under the tag America – surprise surprise) if you fancy reading about it.

  4. I feel the same about the Northern Lights – I thought I might see them when I went to Iceland in October the year before last, but no such luck 🙁

    1. Oh Rubbish! My mum and the boyf's mum both went and both saw them – but loads of my friends have missed out too! I know I'd miss them!

  5. What French ski resorts did you live in? I was in the 3 valleys for years!! Moved back to UK last year.

    1. I was in Montgenevre, near Serre Che, and then Val – it was a LONG time ago though, 1999-2000 was my first one.

      The dream is to move out there. What were you doing? And why did you come back?

  6. My first one was 93/94 !! I had 2 kids and the dream was over! We had a hotel/bar/restaurant it was too much work with a family. Miss the snowboarding but have to say that's all. No regrets about moving back to the UK needed a bit more!

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