Be right back!

I keep coming back here and not knowing what to write. Right now my brain is full of ideas but blank of all words – in essence I’m a bit short on blogging mojo right now. 
I guess it’s not the worst thing it the world to take a little break in December but I had all these plans for gift guides, diys, fun festive posts with Flash and December Daily updates – then my computer died taking with it the drafts and psd’s I was working on for said posts – and my motivation! 
I’ll be back – I know I will – I enjoy it here and my head is teeming with ideas – it’s just when I sit down to write right now they don’t come out. I blame the dead computer (because blogging from your phone (or Kindle) is a pain in the ass!) but maybe I just need a few weeks off from feeling guilty about not blogging (please tell me other people feel this too!). 
So I’ll be back sometime before the end of the year with my word for 2015 and hopefully some renewed brain power and fingers crossed a working laptop!

Have a wonderful Christmas! 


  1. Don't worry about it – enjoy your break and come back refreshed. I feel guilty too definitely – I wrote about it in my ebook in fact – but if I force it I never enjoy the posts or the process. Have a merry christmas love and enjoy 🙂 xx

  2. Thanks lovely. It's silly how you feel guilty for not updating your own personal blog isn't it……….have a merry christmas to you too. xx

  3. Thank you, I'm really hoping 2015 is our blogging mojo year as I love reading your thoughts from the other side of the pond so hoping you don't give up. Merry Christmas. xx

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