Around the world

This weekend my brothers girlfriend threw a birthday party at their house.
The theme was around the world.
Each invite told you your ‘host nation’ and you were required to go dressed as that country, with a drink that represented your country.

My brother asked me to help with the invites.
I am certainly no designer {please don’t zoom in on the white box the text is in, those corner arcs are the crudest thing ever as I had to do it free hand – I am very much teaching myself photoshop through trial and error} but I just loved playing with fonts. I am a full on font geek. I think, Mouse Deco, used for the main body of the invite, is one of my favs these days.

We got Russia.

We went as American’s. {Please don’t ask me to explain. I had to explain it to my mum. She still didn’t get it. I left it to my dad to explain afterwards!}

They were excellent hosts with a massive bbq, and a bouncy castle and a beach bar in the garden, with marquees to hide us all from the inevitable July rain. The pool table in the front room got well used too – there was, at one stage an international nations pool tournament going on with ‘arab sheiks’ putting up the funds for our million pound bets.

I wish I had some pics of everyone’s costumes, because everyone made a huge effort, and people who couldn’t get alcohol from their country even made labels to stick on the drink they bought to customise it. There were also a LOT of people walking round in head gear that related to a whole other continent.

I also wish I could remember the walk home but I can’t, although we did end up taking one of their dogs home with us. I think she liked the day out.


  1. I totally get the dressing as americans joke hehe 🙂 sounds like a really fun party, i love it when everyone makes an effort if there is a theme!

  2. Yes. Everyone made a great effort indeed. Even the 'grown ups' were in full on fancy dress – which was great to see.
    There was even a Sumo suit on display…..

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