An October Round-up and some November goals

October was one of those months where we were super busy and also super chilled all at the same time. Sometime weeks were so busy Jim and I barely saw each other whilst others were filled with nights on the sofa watching movies and making lovely food. We managed some time to enjoy the new living room, I bought loads of stuff on ebay – including a few hundred felt balls! I conned my brother and my dad into some DIY for me, We went to see Death from Above (which was awesome) Jim went to India, just for 3 weeks this time – not nearly enough time for me to do something silly to the house! We had a great WI planning meeting over burritos and have some awesome things planned for 2015 – plus, we’re swishing this Friday if anyone fancies it? 
One of the things I had planned to do in October was make Flash a Halloween costume and well, I managed it and thought I’d share my little zombie dog with you too. Isn’t he the cutest member of the walking dead you’ve ever seen? 

So, now on to November’s goals

I know the ‘C’ word is mentioned a few times here but it’s November and it has to be done and with Jim away I need something to occupy my brain until he is back – once he is though, we have a busy few weeks so it needs to be kind of thought about before he returns!
What have you got planned for the month?


  1. Flash looks awesome in this little costume, you did a great job! I should probably get thinking about Christmas, but Thanksgiving gets in the way and I need to sort stuff out for that, i'm totally not as organised as I use to be with Christmas that's for sure.

  2. Flash's costume is so cute! The only plans I have made for this month is to do all of my Christmas shopping in November and try and avoid the chaos of the shops in December. Fingers crossed I pull it off!x

  3. Oh yes, you have thanksgiving to get out of the way first don't you. They really should have thought about that better when planning yearly events! I've just got my brothers birthday (this weekend) and mums birthday (22nd dec) gifts out of the way so now I am christmas thinking……I might go super simple this year with homemade gifts as sometimes I think I go over the top 😉

  4. Ooooh, I might try that too. I have bought my mums b'day gift and that's not until the 22nd dec so I am feeling a bit too organised 😉 but all christmas sorted by the end of december would be awesome. Let me know how you get on. x

  5. Flash's costume was an absolute triumph!
    For November I need to start seriously thinking about the 'C' word rather than just being in denial about it! And that's about it.
    What are the felt balls going to turn into?
    M x

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