All Change

So, I have some more news. 
Again, it’s big news. Well, for me it is. 

I have a new job. In Sheffield. 
Yep, not only will I be living there, but I’ll be working there too.  
I have a job at a fab creative agency who not only have some great clients but all seem super nice too. I’ll be starting at the beginning of May just after I move {and a week before the boy heads to India for a month – good timing hey?} I think the worst part about the whole scenario was having to tell the guys at the agency I am at now, it was horrible, but I felt that once my team knew, I could be a bit more open with it.  

As scary as it might be – changing my whole life it one foul swoop – I am really looking forwards to it. 

New {ish} house. New Job. New life. 


  1. Congrats on the new job! That's fab news. And also no commute, also brilliant.

    Raising my virtual glass to your new life!

  2. congratulations on the new job! and these things seem to always happen in tandem, but there's a kind of fun momentum about them, too, isn't there?


  3. Thanks guys.
    It does all seem to be coming together doesn't it. If it weren't for my panic's in the background, I'd think it was perfect 😉

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