Travel: Airbnb – How to be a good host

We’ve been staying in ‘whole house’ Airbnbs across Canada
and America for a few weeks now and they’ve all 
been very different. Different costs and different levels of ‘service’
so I though I’d pop some thoughts together of what I think makes a great airbnb

Be honest about your facilities. If it says you have laundry
facilities but really there’s a laundrette across the street, that’s not the
same thing. We were travelling for 18 days. I certainly didn’t take 18 days worth of pants with me so we looked for places with laundry facilities, but a few places might not have told the whole truth. On holiday you don’t want to spend an hour in a laundrette you want
to put some washing on and go out and deal with it later safe in the knowledge you can!

Make sure your wifi works. We stayed one place where the
wifi didn’t connect about 80% of the time. It was annoying because I couldn’t get whatsapp updates on the dogs from my mum or faff on Instagram, but it was really frustrating when we had to walk round the corner and borrow a cafes wifi to call an Uber. 

Be fully stocked with linens & towels. Have ‘extras’
available. Like pillows. Not every one just uses one pillow. In fact I hate one pillow
sleeping. And small towels aren’t fun either. If people are paying to be at
your house. Make it comfortable.

Leave a local guide of your favourite places. A few tips on
your must see/do/eat places near by is always handy as people probably haven’t visited your city before. And info on the best cup of
coffee in the neighbourhood can’t hurt either.

Extras – is there anything you can do to go above and
beyond. ‘Surprise and delight’? One place we stayed left fresh baked cookies out for us on
arrival (very welcome after 18hrs of travelling!). Another ran a beer concierge
service popping local beers you might like in the fridge for you. Some had snacks in the fridge. You don’t
have to be extravagant but they were nice welcoming touches. Especially after travelling.

What have your best Airbnb experiences involved?

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