Ah, Leeds, Goodbye

I gave you my 20’s. And you know what, I gave you them good. So today will be a sad day as I finally leave you. 
No matter when I have left before there was always something, like a course, or a boy or a job to anchor me here, but not this time.

You had my university days, living with my friends, thinking we were invincible, the parties in Bainbrigge that might have never finished if we’d had our way, the all-nighters over essays, the many many friends and the dreams of travels.

And you had my mid 20’s in the beautiful flat, with the ex, those crazy drunken Leeds Guide days with some of the best people I’ll ever have the pleasure to know, the free festivals, the arguments, the highs and lows of a failing relationship, the growing up and the losing of myself.

And then you had my late 20’s made of that excruciating heartache, the commuting, the job hunting, the strange housemates, the new love and the fantastic, now old, job. But I think we both knew by this time my heart wasn’t quite in the city didn’t we?

I am sure I’ll be back. Not for good you understand, but you’re not that far away and I have nights out to come back for, and maybe next time I’ll reminisce and see you through the rose tinted glasses you get when you leave a place. 

But, you know what, Leeds, we had a time, right?


  1. Ah, sweet – a love note to a place and a time. May you build many great memories in Sheffield!

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