A year of reading

One of my favourite nights of the month is the first Wednesday of
the month at the Fancie* bookclub – book chat, cake and some lovely ladies. I
blogged about my first time at the Fancie bookclub, and if you follow me on
Instagram you’ll have seen the monthly pictures. It’s not pretentious, no-one
minds if you haven’t finished the book, and we pull no punches when discussing
characters. The point of joining a book club was push me to read some things I
wouldn’t have read, and it has definitely done this – there have been some
books I have loved, and others I have struggled with and not finished and last
night, after a half hearted discussion of Sue Townsend’s latest novel, we
picked our books for 2013.

It’s a pretty mixed bag and I’d love to know if you’ve read any of
them, or if they’re on your to read list;  

January – A Proper Family Christmas – Jane Gordon Cumming {yes, I
know it might seem a little late to be discussing a Christmas book, but we’ll
meet the 3rd January,
so reading will be done in December}

Nov – Dawn’s choice

Dec – Mo’s choice

Each member came along with a list of books they fancied reading
{mine were mostly taken from twitter and included American Wife, The book of
lost things, and we discussed it as a group. Then the top choice from each
person was popped in a tea cup and picked out at will. Randomly, the names 2
regulars who couldn’t make it were picked out last, that why we just have names

*If you’re not from Sheffield you might not know about Fancie – but
they’re an amazing cake company who’s first shop sits about a 15 minute walk
from my house. It’s a dangerous thing and, now, it may be dangerous for you
as they’ve just started shipping countrywide!


  1. I loved the Night Circus – S got me a signed first edition last Christmas and it's such a beautifully presented book. It's quite similar to books such as Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrall, all magic realism and fantastical details. I hope you enjoy it!

    1. Wow. That must have been a great gift.
      Im really looking forwards to it. It was on a few peoples reaidng lists so it was always going to make the cut!

  2. Your club is so organized!! We try to pick a few months in advance but sometimes it is only decided at the previous meeting. I've read a lot of books that I wouldn't have read without being part of a book club. That's my favourite part about it too. 🙂

    1. This year some of the books have been picked quite last minute but we have lots of library & second hand readers so we thought itd be better to plan in advance. X

  3. The 13th Tale and Post Birthday World are two of my favorite books to give to friends.
    I hate Dickens with a purple passion.
    The end.

    1. I know that feeling. I studied English at uni so 19th century literature is one of my big hatreds. Hardy ruined it for the rest of them and i am not sure Dickens will be able to redeem it, but I'll give it a go.

      But I am glad we've got a couple that you like! x

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