Travel: A week of visiting friends and getting back to the sea.

Oooops, sorry for the 10ish day absence, but work was so crazy before my holiday that writing and scheduling blog posts to go live whilst I was away was impossible. I thought though that I might share a few glimpses of our little family holiday which turned into a bit of a tour of the south of England. Forgive me the image heavy post, but believe me when I say you’ve only been subjected about 1/8th of the ones we took!
Vintage Flash!
First we popped to Bournemouth to see my friend Katie for a little post her birthday catch-up. We struggled to find a pet friendly hotel that wasn’t going to cost us a fortune (one hotel wanted an extra £40 for Flash to stay one night) so we turned to Airbnb and found a little flat in Poole that would let Flash stay. The lady who owned it had quite eclectic taste. The flat was full of vintage finds and fabric! It was quite a flying visit with Katie due to crazy traffic trying to get down there, but we saw the sights of Poole, popped to Bournemouth beach and had some dinner and a chance for a little chat. A successful trip all in all. (If you are new to Airbnb – sign up with this link and you’ll get a £15 credit for your first trip –
Checking out the record collection in the airbnb!
Next we popped over to see one of Jim’s friends, Paula, who lives a little further up the coast in Fareham. We had a lovely few days of local pubs and BBQ’s and breakfast in cute little beach cafes and trips to the beach and walks with Flash. All whilst staying in a room that felt like a hotel! Flash was thoroughly spoilt too, so he loved it. 
Our model pup. 
Fareham beach. 
Our next part of the trip was to Falmouth, where my parents were waiting with the boat. We left a sunny Portsmouth to arrive in a rainy Mylor. We camp a little up the road when we go, so putting the tent up in the rain was a lot of fun! We’ve been at Mylor for nearly 20 years now and in that time there have been new restaurants and yacht clubs spring up and it’s become full of fake RP accents that would put those on Made in Chelsea to shame, but I still love it, even on a rainy day!
From the shore at Mylor!

There were walks with Flash down coastal paths

We took a trip to Lands End. I haven’t been since I was a little kids and it’s far more touristy now than it ever was, but we have a fun day out. 

The Tall Ships were in Falmouth last weekend so we sailed out to see some of them come in one day and then took a trip over to see them up closer. They are so beautiful, and I loved the fact that they all came in with pirate flags flying too. I wish we could have stayed for the Parade of Sail on sunday too as that looked amazing.

And then there was the food. We ate a lot. Lots of seafood, like all the seafood. I didn’t take many pictures of the food though. I was eating too much to take photo’s of my meals. But we ate at one of our favourites The Pandora Inn – their moules marinieres were possibly the best I’ve had for a long time, and then as the Tall Ships were in town, Falmouth turned into a bit of a food festival. Here are just a couple of the ‘street food’ delights we had – seriously, street food served in shells is the way forwards people!
Oh, these scallops. I could have eaten them all night!
My first time trying oysters – they tasted just like sea water. Not sure what the attraction of them is!
And the colours, just check out these doors. Hope Cottage is my favourite.

And Flash, well, he loved being on holiday. He loved all the pasty ends, and ice cream and the walks and the walks on the beach. He wasn’t so sure about the life jacket though………

As always, it went too fast, and there wasn’t enough time on the water, but I loved it. 


  1. Looks like a fab trip! Had never heard of Airbnb before – shocking how much some hotels charge to bring doggies 🙁 Love Flash 🙂 x

    1. Isn't it just. It makes you sick to think that they can charge an extra £40 for one small dog in the room! Airbnb will change your staying away – I promise you.

    1. I'll be honest – it was more wind and rain than sunshine – it was so windy we only got out on the boat once too – but so so nice to be away! And isn't he cute in it. If only he didn't hate it.

  2. Looks like you had a fab time and a well-earned break after all the stresses with buying your house. That first picture of Flash on the couch is worthy of printing off and putting in a frame 🙂

    1. I am pretty sure that he shouldn't have been on the sofa but he looked damn cute when he got up there I took a snap before shooing him off!

  3. What a whimsical seaside minibreak you had! That looks so picturesque and really relaxing! A perfect end to the summer, I'd say!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  4. Aww Flash really doesn't seem too convinced about the life jacket does he?! Looks like you had a great time and great weather to match!

  5. Ha, Flash in a life jacket has just made my day! His poor little face.
    Looks like a lovely little trip and scallops as street food is a game changer.
    M x

  6. haha – the weather was pretty dire I just snapped when the sun came out 😉 And he clearly hates it doesn't he…..oooops. safety first! x

  7. Scallops as street food is the best thing ever.
    And that face just made us laugh every time we had him wearing it. We're really bad people, I know! x

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