Travel – A trip to Vancouver, Whistler and Seattle!

Winter is well and truly here and we’re just in the process of booking the sort of trip that will make we want to wish it was going a bit faster. 

We’ve been threatening to go to Whistler snowboarding for some time now, and finally the flights have been sorted and numerous enquiries have been sent to people with cute apartments on AirBnB.

The plan is to fly out to Vancouver, head up to Whistler for a week there, then back to Vancouver for a long weekend and hopefully to see the Gaslight Anthem too! Then, well, because we’ve flown all that way we thought we’d make the most of it and head down to Seattle. Jim wants to eat and I want to don my best plaid shirt and do a Singles tour. Important stuff right there. We do have to visit Delancey as Orangette (and her Banana Bread) is one of my favourite reads too! We’re going out with Jim’s sister and her husband for the snowboarding part of the trip, and my old Uni housemate and another good friend both live in Vancouver so we’re hoping to spend some time with them too.

Now we just need to keep our fingers crossed that my knees make it through a week on a snowboard and another week or so of sightseeing (there is a high chance they might not!)

So, first things first – I don’t suppose any of you have a second home in Whistler you’d be happy to let me stay in for a week do you? And also, does anyone have any tips on where to go – Which bits of the mountains should we be seeing?  Is there any apres we need to hit up? Where should we eat and drink? What should we see? How should we travel down from Vancouver to Seattle? Is renting a car the best option? Or should we train or ferry it? Is there anywhere en-route we should stop? Any craft shops I can bore Jim to tears with by dragging him into? We’d love to hear your suggestions please. 


  1. AAAH so exciting! We did this trip 2 and a half years ago at Christmas and it was bloody magical. We stayed with family as accommodation can be expensive so I recommend an air bnb if you can get it. The whole city is basically full of condos and everyone has a dog. Make sure you take some time to enjoy the coastal wall walks and def do Stanley Park. In terms of eating places, I loved Granville Island for food and handmade shopping (the sushi in Vancouver is top notch believe it or not). I wrote a couple of blog posts about our trip here: OH and don't forget to go to Michael's craft store you will be in heaven. I almost wet myself with excitement when I entered. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CASE SPACE FOR ALL YOUR SHOPPING!! If you do go there, download the app as they have ace coupons.

    With regards to Whistler, my BIL booked most of the snowboarding arrangements for us. We got an awesome deal on a ride up to Whistler from downtown Vancouver, I can find out the dude we booked with if that helps? I think it was about $50 each return or something like that and he had a trailer on the back for all the boarding gear.

    So excited for you (and insanely jealous).


  2. Weird – it didn't post the correct link to my blog!

  3. I'm also jealous, I love Vancouver and Seattle, and Whistler is supposed to be amazing. When we travelled from Vancouver to Seattle we got a coach – I can't remember which company it was with, but they do a few trips a day and it was pretty cheap and super easy – downtown to downtown (right to the Space Needle in fact!). My recommendation for Seattle would be to do the underground city tour, it's really interesting. I second the sushi in Vancouver, it's so good and very cheap, especially compared with the UK. It's a shame you don't have time to go to Vancouver Island as it is so beautiful, but it's a reason to make another trip!

  4. Exciting! I loved the Seattle Music Centre, which when I was there had an ace exhibition about grunge and Nirvana – took me back! Fremont is a cool area in Seattle with lots of thrift shops and nice pubs. Have fun!

  5. Ooooh, an underground tour sounds awesome. Thanks for the tip. We have friends on Vancouver Island so you never know – we might make it 😉 x

  6. I think Jim would die of excitement if we stumbled across a grunge exhibition – he's such a music nerd! We'll have to add the music centre to our list for sure! Thank you. x

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