A trip to Home Is and a mooch around the Northern Quarter

Last Saturday I spent my afternoon giving a little tour of my neighbourhood to Toni from Lemon Freckles and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was lovely to see the area through someone news eyes. I’ve written about where I live before so didn’t end up posting any of the pictures but she wrote a lovely post here. We’ve decided to make it a sort of regular thing – getting together and having a mooch about with our cameras. We’re even planning on getting our pooches involved soon too! 
Anyway that afternoon made me realise that I want to do more with my weekends rather than catching up on housework and stuff so last Saturday I hopped on the train and headed to the wrong side of the Pennines for a look round the Home Is event – a gorgeous interiors market. I missed the one earlier this year and felt I just couldn’t miss out again!
We actually spend a lot of time in Manchester. We have lots friends over there, and it’s where Jim grew up and his family still live there but it’s not somewhere I’ve spent time alone. Every time we go there are plans and places to be and no time to just wander about so my plan was to head to the Home Is event in Ancoats then take a bit of time walking round the Northern Quarter without an aim or purpose! And you know what it was a lovely day.

The Home Is event had some beautiful exhibitors and I may have made a couple of small purchases, although i did really want one of these tweed throws but no matter how beautiful they were, £370ish is a bit more than I will ever have in the ‘throws’ budget (Does anyone actually have a ‘throws budget’? Is this something I should have?)

And then my wander around the Northern Quarter was great.  No purpose, no need to be anywhere, no set times for anything – just me. I arrived home and demanded to Jim that we take more random trips to places for a few hours just because it was fun. 

What did you get upto with your weekend?


  1. I love Manchester and I'm looking forward to many 'wandering around' days there soon when we move closer! I had a fab happy tipsy weekend catching up with one of my best friends. I hope you get to enjoy more random just because trips soon! x

  2. I've never spent any real time in Manchester but after seeing these photos, it looks like a place I need to explore! Adore the colourful wall! Looking forward to our next adventure. 😉 x

  3. ooooh, catch-ups with besties are awesome aren't they! And I hope I get more too, although football is apparently more important right now. Tsk!

  4. Oh, a quiet weekend, sometimes I long for them – and when i get one I take myself for a trip 😉 No pleasing me is there!

  5. You do, you do. Grab a train and go see. There are so many lovely design shops too you could almost call it a uni research trip 😉 and me too!

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