A March round-up and some April goals!

Well, blogging in March did not go the way I had hoped it would……I had plans in my head for posts scheduled to go live whilst I was away but in the end work got crazy (you know that trying to fit 3 weeks worth of work in before you go thing) and even though I took a laptop with me, honestly, I just didn’t find the time to blog when I had so may other things to be doing…….but I have a feeling doing stuff rather than writing about stuff isn’t a bad thing right? 

And so March was taken up by walks with Flash, Jim being away and holidays. Oh and a little bit of diy. I also took a few course for work and got my bake on too.  

So, on to my April. The main goal will be to not eat every single thing in the world like we did whilst we were away. Trust me when I put up the blog posts you’ll see how much we ate! It was disgusting. But delicious at the same time. I also want to get the garden sorted with some veggies and take out some of the plants, and spring clean the house. Oh and whilst we were away my brother went to get a new puppy……only somehow he came away with two. Two chocolate lab puppies. They look adorable but I’ve not had the chance to meet them yet so I can’t wait for their kisses!

So, what do you have planned for April? 


  1. Doing things is certainly better than writing things I agree – particularly on holiday!

    I love your list for the month too – some pretty cool goals and the puppies sound adorable!

  2. I agree with the spring clean, I need to sort out my bedroom. The puppy snuggles sound fun haha. Lovely blog post.

    Amy 🙂

  3. Oh my. The puppire were awesome. They smelt of horlicks and weetabix and were so licky and soft. I want another puppy…..This not eating and drinking everything thing is a nightmare though….

  4. it's strange how one day you just snap and need to clean up isn't it! I'm taking the house bit by bit….I've got to tackle the craft room soon and it's going to be a nightmare!

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