A March round up and April’s goals

March saw a lovely catch up with one of my besties, and many hours on the phone to other wonderful friends. Flash and I only had 7 days ‘just us’ before Jim came home but their reunion was pretty adorable. We had a WI meeting with the lovely Jenn Edwards who taught us all about make up and revealed some tips that I’m using now. I also lost (and then found yesterday) the sensor for my FitBit so it became useless for most of the month. Our little favourite furry boy turned two. Work went crazy as we opened an awesome new venue. And life threw in a curve ball at about the same moment which has made my brain a bit useless, so I apologise for the neglect of this little space (and instagram and twitter but to a lesser extent). This fog also meant very few of March’s goals got completed but I did watch a shit load of crap films on Netflix. We took a weekend away at Slaley Hall with Jim’s family. The men play golf and us ‘wags’, well, we had the best intentions of using the spa but actually spent our time sitting in cosy corners of the hotel gossiping and eating and drinking copious cups of things which was just what I needed. There were a couple of photoshoots with work, namely for pies! That’s normal right?
I’m hoping April brings me some more fun, and a little less brain fog!


    1. Thanks lovely. It hasn't been the best but here's to April not being quite so sucky! Hoping to get back on with the swimming. We should do our swim club!

  1. I'm down with no.1 – also, any crap film recommendations from Netflix? Got a bit of a void since finishing Breaking Bad.

  2. I'd love to hear any netflix recommendations you have – I don't seem to get much further than having Family Guy/American Dad/Bob's Burgers marathons and 1940's film noirs to be honest!

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