A look back on May and some June goals

May was an expensive month as we had the hallway, all three floors of it, and the spare bedroom, plastered and we started getting the space painted, plus we put in plans for internal doorways and a new front door. Why does nothing in the house ever work out cheaply? But we also had some none house related fun. There were waffles at Peddler, we had lots of sunny dog walks, Jim went to India for a couple of weeks, I planted herbs and some veggies, the garden started blooming, I ate a lot of rhubarb, and received pretty presents in the post and had a lot of puppy cuddles. 
And onto the plans for June. It’s another big month with fun plans ahead and a lot of decorating to do
I’m off to Blogtacular in London with Toni in the middle of the month. I’m super excited about it as we got on the Friday video walk too. But what to wear?
I’ve got the spare room almost painted – I started painting it a bluey, off white, and wasn’t sure if I liked the colour so I’ve waited and watched the colour during the day and in different lights and I think I do like it, I’ve just had to change my decorating plans.
With all this decorating, money has been haemorrhaging from my account so no more frivolous spending. Sobs. Frivolous spending is my favourite.  
Melle is a super star swimmer and I’d love to find somewhere they can both swim and I can paddle too.
I’ve been having a crisis of confidence of late so injecting some more into my life would be a plus right now!

What are your plans for the month? Tell me what you’ve got going on. 

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