A June round-up and July’s goals

In the midst of all the chaos of last month I missed this for a month, but I am back. So, June was a month of ups and downs again. It’s been 6 months of that I’d say. We finally moved into our new house, but we still don’t actually own it. Long story that pretty much gets worse every week so we’ll leave it there. I started stripping orange wallpaper, and I used a lot of white paint. Flash found ALL the tennis balls in the garden. We got some awesome, mostly boozy, house warming gifts. I ate a lot of junk food and pub meals and drank a little too much and am feeling it now. I played with chalk paint. Our first house guest, Flash’s cousin Molly, came to stay, as did my friend Sarah so I created us a guest room. There was blue beer at work. We went to the Sheffield Doc Fest launch – A film about Pulp! I put together so much furniture – beds and futons and tables and desks and butchers blocks and side tables. I’ve looked at far more sofas than I ever thought I was. I’ve spent far more time on ebay than necessary. I also packed Jim off to Glasto and threw a pineapple party with cocktail drunk from the hollowed out fruits! 
And on to July. Here’s what I’m hoping for; 
What are your July plans? 


  1. Sounds like a hectic June, but at least you have good things to look back at as well as the stress. I love the sparkly pineapple! I think I'm going to try to instagram more in July too, I hope you achieve your goals and have a fab month, x

  2. wow what a massive June for you! I hope you're settling in and the house stuff gets sorted soon. The pineapple drink looked amazing and such a good idea. Good luck with July I hope you smash it! x

    1. We have a pineapple corer so it made it easier to do, but sometimes we still messed up and had to pop a glass in some of the pineapples. ooooops. x

  3. Aww at Flash's friend and oh my about your house – wow they are dragging that out aren't they. I bet it's nice to be far enough to move in but I bet it's nervy that all the paperwork still isn't sorted – I hope they finish that all out for you. I think the UK in general could learn some speedy tricks from the US house buying system – or at least the Michigan way (each state has it's own rules and regulations). We got the keys 6 weeks after putting the offer in, it's crazy fast.

    And I totally have my eye on that drink from the pineapple!!

    I'd love July to be all about sorting out our new garden, but what with unpacking and how warm summer is around here, that might have to be moved to autumn. Plus i'm still staring at plants and wondering if they are weeds or not. Feeling a tad out of my depth.

    1. That is fast. And luckily they got it all sorted for us last friday! phew!

      And I totally know that 'it has a flower but I am sure it's a weed' feeling! why do some of them look so pretty? Looking forwards to hearing more about your house! x

  4. I really need to set some goals, i've really let them slip over the last couple of months. Beautiful photos! x

    1. You seem to be getting along just fine without the goals. plus you've had some pretty big stuff going on recently to concentrate on! x

  5. Wow. That has been a lot to get your head around. I think your goals for this month sound pretty good. I'm thinking monthly goals might be the way forward now, and good luck with finding your sofa x

    1. The sofa is purchased! Wooooo. Now for the 5 week wait that comes with it.
      And monthly goals are certainly suiting me a lot better than my XX before I am XX goals were. It means that I am doing things and remembering things more! x

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