A July round up and August Goals

Can I start by asking how the crapping hell it’s August? Seriously? How?

Thankfully, even though it was busy, July didn’t seem as crazy as June, which was needed really. But in July we finally bought our house. (Only 10 days after the mortgage offer expired and after a crap load of tears and some heated calls to the Halifax. More on that another time) We dog-sat 3 out of 4 of my brothers dog for a long weekend, sadly though one of his dog passed away this month, so it’s lovely to know we got to spend some time with Murphy and take him on fun walks and kiss his big seal-like head before it happened.

We had ‘Our Tiny Bees‘ come to our WI meeting – their lip balm is amazing. Must order some other products soon. Please take a look at the site as they are awesome. We had another weekend with Flash’s furry cousin, Molly. Flash also started properly at ‘Doggy Den‘ the doggy daycare centre near our house. Just one day a week so he has some dog play times but he’s starting to love it. There was some Gin tasting of yummy Langtons Gin. I fell in love with Invisibobbles and the fact they don’t kink my hair even after ages of being tied up. I got my craft room to a state that doesn’t offend me. The dining room is very almost complete. I just need to procure a lot of wood now…….. We undecorated the living room, ordered a sofa, bought side tables and curtains to hopefully create a proper room in there (as soon as it’s been plastered and painted and carpeted.)

I fell in love with some gems from Bauble Bar. And bought Flash a paddling pool, which he hates. There were BBQ’s in the rain, hail and thunder with friends and the weather just made them better! It was Tramlines weekend which meant loads of friends from Manchester came to visit and we got a chance to bust out the smoker and put the garden to full use. And we planned a trip to Cornwall for next month and made a start on our Vancover/Whistler plans for March. All whist it actually felt like summer! 

And onto next month. Here are my goals for the month.


  1. I love how many dogs were involved in July, I hope you're brother is ok after losing one of them, so sad. Flash looks like he is loving life in all these photos – even if he isn't the biggest fan of the paddling pool! Ice cream and paddling sounds like a great way to spend August x

    1. Ice cream always sounds like a great plan doesn't it. nd yes. it was a very doggy month. We're looking after them again this weekend. It'll be sad without him there. x

  2. Aww I'm so glad you got to show Murphy some love before, you know, I can't even say the words.
    And what is it with these ungrateful mutts and their paddling pools?? Mine hate theirs too – little sh*ts.
    I kind of misread your August goals and thought you might be going in the sea to teach the fish to love the water. Job done! Flash not so much huh?
    M x

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