A January round up and February’s goals

We started the year with a Jim so poorly that it pretty much ruined his birthday, but there was cake and pastries and presents and a visit from his sister and husband so it wasn’t all bad. I started the big clearing out and took 3 huge bags of clothes and stuff to the charity shop. I also started ebaying the unwanted contents of our cellar. We had a mug painting session at my WI. We had a day out at the Harry Potter studio as a belated gift for Jim. I had a little birthday get together that allowed me to create a bar station, along with busting out the neon Bar sign and make some cake pops. We went to the Milestone for a birthday tasting menu which comprised of not enough food and far too much wine. We did a gin tasting with Mason Yorkshire Gin and matched it with tonics. We had a few date nights. We ate even more meals out. I decided to abandon Clean Eating for another few days and enjoy all the food. We also ate a lot of cake. Loads of it in fact. We holed ourselves up in the house to watch some movies (Wolf of Wall Street and Gravity). Flash got far too muddy, far too often. He loved it but hated being bathed each time. And there were also glorious frosty morning walks. And I started swimming again, kind of to counteract the cake, but mostly because I love being in the water. I know January is meant to be depressing but mine wasn’t. Is that bad? Does it mean it’ll hit me another month?

But now it’s February and time for a whole new set of goals for the month.
(I know there is a super annoying spelling mistake in here but the original file is on my other computer!)

The tiling, having never done it before might be a challenge, as might the nails given that I’m going to try tiling, but lets see how we get on!


  1. Brilliant goals – although i've fully given up on keeping my nails looking pretty, I think i'm more of the chipped nails kind of girl. I found this website ( thewonderforest.com/2013/08/how-to-set-up-custom-domain-in-blogger.html ) ridiculously helpful when setting up my own domain. Just remember your blog will be down for about an hour (it was with me anyway & I panicked) but it all worked out fine in the end. 😉 x

  2. If you find out the magic key for keeping your nails pretty feel free to share it, i've given up. Every time I paint mine, coat with strengtheners and top coats, they still chip. Within a day. I give up!

    1. I managed to chip a shellac in less than a week so i am pretty sure that the normal nail varnish has no chance – but we'll see.

  3. Loved you're January. Nothing wrong with having a good one. Nowadays my days/months have all seemed the same so enjoy it. Also I can't stress how much you should enjoy your own space when J is away. I love having a house full of family but I miss the days when there is no one here and I could walk around without a care!!! Love you've moved your site, and your Feb goals. I may have to start doing this too!

    1. I sometimes feel like I waste his months away and don't achieve as much as I should, but then again he's away a LOT and some times it's nice to just sit and do nothing and not achieve a great deal.

  4. I am terrible at keeping my nails looking good. Utterly awful, particularly at this time of year. I love how much you did in January – it sounds like so much fun.

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