A Frosty walk round Lyme Park

We’ve been over to Manchester quite a few times recently and it’s always a discussion about how we work a long walk for the dogs into the day when we’re coming home as it gets dark so early, so we’ve started stopping en-route and finding new places to take them for a run about and it’s been a lot of fun!

We were in Manchester over the new year and on our way home we decided to stop at Lyme Park for a walk. We’d tried to go to Lyme Park previously, but we took the main route in and as it’s a National Trust property is was £8 for the car, which, at 3pm in the winter, with an hrs light left seemed kind of steep for a dog walk, so we found another location near by. 

This time however we decide to park the car on a country lane and walk in from the back of the park. And it didn’t disappoint.

We started with a long walk over some very frosty hills. The pups haven’t quite figured out how to work styles yet so Jim and I had to carry them over fences and walls, but they loved running through the frosty grass, up the hills and through the boggy muddy areas.

We had to take a detour from the route to avoid a field of sheep (Melle would be a nightmare with sheep if we gave him the chance!) and after a walk through some wood that were unseasonable green, we stumbled across this cute little building, The Lantern.

From the lantern we walked through more woods to a windy hill top and views that blew us away. From here we could see The Cage and all the way back in to Manchester.

We headed back to the car after about an hour and a half as we figured it’d take a good half our to get back to it and after 2 hours of running the dogs HAD to be tired.
I was amazed at how even after a day of bright sunshine there was so much frost on the ground on our route back, but I’ll be honest, the frost just made everything seem that little bit more magical.

I feel like I’ve turned into such a nerd lately as my favourite thing to do is get out into the countryside with the dogs and watch them have fun. But just look at how majestic Melle looks at the top of this hill. So proud of himself!

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