A February round up and March’s Goals

For our entire relationship Jim’s gone to India for the majority of February and this year has been no different. But before he left we ate out a LOT. Over the weekend before he left weekend we had 2 evening meals, one lunch and one breakfast out! The eggs benedict at Tamper is maybe my favourite meal about now. I collected a spotty car. I switched this blog to a custom domain. We also went and bought new trainers (his and hers air max’s. We are so chavvy!) Then Flash and I saw him off and settled in for a month just the two of us. Well, that’s a lie, it’s a month of just us and him having some lovely little holidays at my parents. It was also a month of 4 day weeks to use up some of the holiday I’d been saving for the big house move (we have however got a sort of, hopeful, fingers crossed date for the move in the far distant future). Once Jim had gone to India, I set about teaching myself to tile and did a pretty decent job I think. I also did some sewing and made my dad some stuff for the boat out of an old sail, I went gin tasting with the WI, went to see Tom Odell, and played a LOT with my new Cricut mini (more on that another time). I also walked. Loads. 

And not to March. We still have another 9 days without Jim to make the most of, but her is what I’d like to achieve. 

What are you up to this March?


  1. Excellent goals – it sounds like you're going to have a very productive month! I'm impressed with you mad craft/handyman skillz in February! x

  2. I like this list and your more achievable swim goals (I might try to alter mine to be more like yours). March is a month filled with trips to London so not great but I have fun things planned on those trips (pub quizzes, pancakes and late night shopping, a hen do and lunch with my family to name a few) so I think I need to get that frown turned upside down.

    1. I think makingsure every trip back to London is packed with fun things would be the way to get through it. Jim's started pre-planning meals out and visits to people every time he's in India now to make it a bit more bearable.

  3. Good job on the tiles missus! Good luck with your March goals, especially thinning out the craft supplies, I find this to be an impossible task! x

    1. I am about 200% sure that sorting out the craft supplies will be a useless task. A friend who's off travelling has juat announced she's bringing me her ribbons and glitter to add to my stash! Ooooops.

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