A day at the beach!

Last month we decided to take a trip to the seaside. Well, I decided we were taking a trip to the beach one because I wanted a little birthday trip and two because I thought it might be fun for Flash. We looked at a map and decided to go to Bridlington for a few hours on the beach with the ball thrower and then some fish and chips!
We may have forgotten to get off a motorway and detoured over the Humber Bridge and through Hull, we took a few photos, and ate the biggest fish and chips in the world. Plus we managed to pick the first sunny day in about 6 weeks which was great because although it was freezing cold beanie and snow jacket weather it was really lovely to have a bit of sunshine. 
I think I might love the beach more in the winter than in the summer sometimes and it was awesome to see the little monster playing in the sand!
A little family portrait! 


  1. I have to say, despite spending time on some pretty tropical beaches recently, there is something rather special about a British beach.

  2. Isn't there just – and especially in winter I find. They're so much more atmospheric when they are windswept (and not full of people pretending to be lobsters!)

  3. I MUCH prefer the beach in the winter. I wonder if it's because ours are all choc-a-block (yep, choc-a-block!) in the Summer and there's just something awesome about having all that space to yourself. Flash looks like he owns the place too.
    M x

  4. Yay! The box has appeared. Must just have been my work computer playing up. Probably why I shouldn't be reading blogs at work 🙂

    But HURRAY Humber Bridge. Makes me happy. I miss going to Brid, I live so far away from the sea now!

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