1. If I had a white kitchen the blue one , if I had a colourful kitchen the creamy white…. I've been wanting a red one for ages. Have fun with it!

    1. we have a white and blue kitchen – this is what my problem is – the white might be better but i am just so drawn to the blue and pinks!

  2. The blue looks most appealing to me… I'm not really a pink sort of girl and white gets grubby so blue or grey would be my choices. Unless they have metallic red which is always a winner!

    1. i think i am leaning with you. I know what you mean about the white too, esp as the boy cooks messy! We even looked at a chrome one – but imagine the finger prints and dirt that!

    1. I know you're right, but you know what i am like with a bit of colour. i worry the white is boring too. is it?

    1. Properly torn – i love the pink, but our current kitchen is white and blue with loads of bright coloured accessories. Will the pink go, or will i have to get a new kitchen 😉

  3. I would go with the timeless & classic white! I definitely do not think white is boring at all! White is a flattering color on people so why not kitchen appliances!? 🙂 You're lucky to have one of these little babies, congrats!

    1. Thanks Stacy – I don't have it yet, but a little inheritance came my way, so I think this is what i *ought* to spend it on.

  4. I would say get the pink, and I love pink, but when I got my kitchenaid I went simple and chose black.
    You definitely should spend your inheritance on a kitchenaid though, you won't regret it!!

  5. I heart the pink hard, but like Donna said, I wasn't brave enough and chose black when it was time to get my own. Mainly because it was worth being able to get it without fighting a losing battle with the husband.

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