“Cephalopod stroked Cope’s chin with a tentacle. “You need a shave, mate. Here, have a cuppa”. A moment’s pause before the whirlwind resumed. …Ginger nut, and enough sugar to make the spoon stand straight up.” From Feb 18th’s part of the story! 

I have just found out about this amazing twitter story project – 3hundredand65. Its basically a story told through a series of tweets by different people, that are then illustrated and put on the site. So far the story is kind of odd, but the images are amazing.  You can get involved just by choosing a day from their calendar to join in and tweet your bit of the story. And it’s all to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.  

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  1. That sounds brilliant, just looked at the website and like you said the story is utter madness but the illustrations are cool!xxx

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