32 Things

So, you know how I embraced the ‘fail, fail again, fail better’ mantra in 2012, it applied to pretty much all aspects of my life – especially the 31 Things list I made. I think I completed about 1/3rd of it. Maybe not even that. But As Elizabeth and I were discussing on Twitter last week – it’s not about completing it all, it’s more about having goals!

There were some things on the 31 Things list that I really want to do, so I am carrying them over, but I also have some new goals.

So, here’s to being 32 and here is my ‘32 things to do before I am 33’ list.

  1. Make/do a project a month.
  2. Including – the sky quilt.
  3. Don’t succumb to chopping all my hair off (again).
  4. Try one food type i don’t like a month.
  5. Swim. A lot.
  6. Figure out my clothing style.
  7. Make more online friends real life friends.
  8. Set up that etsy shop
  9. Be less grumpy with the boy!
  10. PL – I’ll be doing it monthly not weekly this year though.
  11. Sort out the veg patch this year – after last years collapsed wall.  
  12. Attend a blogger event.
  13. Take a class (or two.) online or in real life.
  14. Get a tattoo.
  15. Set the wheel in motion for a new house – bigger garden/bigger kitchen.
  16. Be more spontaneous.
  17. Start saving.
  18. Read more than just my bookclub books.
  19. Do something really adventurous.
  20. Wear more colours.
  21. Bring back the Crafternoons
  22. Wear more jewellery.
  23. Plan in a monthly ‘date’ night.
  24. Be a ‘better’ girl – stop wearing scrappy nail varnish, keep my hair dyed that sort of thing.
  25. Try and knit something. Anything. Even a straight line.
  26. Find a regular yoga class to attend.
  27. Organise my time better – try and not be in a rush about everything
  28. Make signature cocktails for the boy and I.
  29. Blog more ‘how-to’s’
  30. Visit friends more – yes, the ones that live far away, but also the ones that live round the corner!
  31. Teach Flash puppy a trick. Or train him. either. Or.
  32. Remember my One Little Word is TRY. And try.
I probably wont blog each and every one of these that I complete, because, you know, me not chopping all my hair off, that’s not news, but I might report back on a few. Keep an eye out.

What goals have you set yourself this year?


  1. Love this list.
    Good luck with it! I have a list of 30 before 30 I made a couple of years ago but I'm not making great progress, I might update the list actually. one year left!

  2. That's a mighty fine list you have there. Good luck with some of those. We got some matching ones too! Hoorah.

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