31 Things: Update

In January I posted
my latest birthday list of things to do this year, and as we’re over a ¼ of the
way through the year, I thought it might be time for a little update, so
without further ado, here are the points I have made headway on;
  • Open an
    Etsy shop – this is almost there. I have all the collateral, I have marketing ‘stuff’
    I just need to photograph the shop contents.
  • Plant 5
    things we can eat – we now have lots of berries in the garden{strawberries,
    raspberries, blackberries, redcurrents and blueberries} we also have a Rhubarb
    plant that started as a stump from the one at my mum and dads and now is
    growing at a great rate. And if it ever stops raining, so I have dirt rather
    than mud in the garden, I’ll plant some more food stuffs.
  • Get back
    into the swing of shuttercal – we’ll go with almost here I think…….i am back on
    it, and remembering to take daily pics, but uploading them is a bit of a bulk
    job I need to catch up on.
  • Open up the Crafternoon sessions – And I have this month – I blogged about it and have a couple of none friends coming for the first time in May!
  • Start ProjectLife – yes I have, but I have been rubbish at blogging it. I am almost
    caught up on March and April, but I want to get to a point where I do it and
    post it weekly!
  • Get another
    tattoo – I have had an idea for a year of what I want. I just need to decide
    the location for it and book it.
  • Visiting
    friends – I made a trip to London in Feb, and Southampton this month, and I’ve
    seen a bunch of people who I love but don’t regularly see. It’s been great.
  • Eating out
    somewhere new each month
    • In February
      we went for amazing sushi at Sakushi on a groupon voucher and it was just
    • March
      was a birthday dinner for Micky at Cubana’s – a great little tapas place with
      massive portions.
    • And
      April was the Harley Bar for their new burger menu. Erm. These are pretty epic
      burgers, and if you look at the menu there are some, well, slightly odd combo’s.

So I haven’t started EVERYTHING on the list, but given where
I think I was on last years list at this time of the year, I don’t think I am
doing too bad!

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