31 things

If you read my last post you’ll know that for the last few years I have done ‘things to do before’ lists on my birthdays. If you didn’t see my last post, last years’ updated list here, and as its my birthday on Saturday, {but I am away} my new list for this year is below.

Most of these are new, a couple are carried over bc I enjoyed them this year and a couple are carried over bc I didn’t do them and kind of want to;

I know it might seem silly as last years list is languishing half completed, and this honestly doesn’t bother me as it’s more of a guide of things I might like to do than a rigid MUST DO list, but as we are going onwards and upwards to a new list I shall forget last year’s failures and concentrate on these new challenges.


  1. Me too. I keep seeing them. I am thinking it might be subtle and quite wide stripes, but I am looking forwards to it!

  2. Hi Gem,
    The title font is Bebas (from dafont i think) and the other font is Brownstone thin – from here – sudtipos.com/fonts/133. it's been a little font dream of mine for a while. I <3 it. x

  3. It is gorgeous! So Em 😉

    I shall be delving into the deep by starting a blog over my 30th celebrations, inspired by yours among others..

    It will be like the most perfect organised list!

    Watch this space! 😀 x x

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