30 days of lists

Have you signed up to 30Lists?
If not, why not? You still have time. It’s such a great challenge cooked up by Cam and Amy. The premise is that you get to write a list – a short list, a long list, a thought provoking list – every day, for 30 days based on the prompts they give you that helps create a little snapshot scrapbook of what’s happening in your life right now. Which for a rubbish Project Lifer like me is perfect! Plus, I really do love lists, they might be one of my favourite things to make (well, all but the To Do work lists!) And Its super cheap at $8 which worked out about £5 when paypal converted it.

I signed up in March last year too and I am not sure what happened but I didn’t quite make it through the month – something went awry. I think it was my insistence to PL each week rather than each month (which reminds me I have some pages to finish)  that pushed me over the edge with a lot of things, not just this.
This March however I am all over it. I’ve pre-written the prompts in my diary, I have the cards printed to list on. I’ve even put some PL page inserts to one side to keep it in. I am all over this listing business.

So, sorry if you follow me on instagram – but March might be a bit list heavy! (if however you do want to follow the listing you can by searching #30lists on both Instagram or twitter or sign up and join in here)


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