Travel: 24 Hours in Berlin

Last weekend one I headed to Berlin with a friend for what turned out to be a super packed 24 of fun. The trip started slightly later than anticipated so we ended up with a day to see the city – once we’d figured out the public transport system.  
We were booked on a free walking tour of the city to see all the historical sights. I am a massive history nerd and I’ve read a lot about Berlin during the wars and the Cold War, so I was super excited about this part of the day. We started in East Berlin the tour took us to visit the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Holocaust Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie, Humboldt University, Gendarmenmarkt and a few other places. Our guide was really interesting – he clearly loved the city and the way it’s fought to reinvent itself over the years but he was also a bit provocative so made us question our opinions too. Which I really loved. It’s just a shame we didn’t have longer to do the graffiti tour.

We rounded the corner to the Holocaust Memorial at the golden hour which turned what would have been an already moving experience into something beautiful too. Before we went I read about the uproar that there has been about people enjoying it but whilst we were there a group of school children were playing amid the columns and for me it seemed to fit perfectly. 
Sarah pulled a blinder and we ate awesome bacon burgers from Burgermeister. After a 3am start I also had my first Coke in about 9 months. Man it was a good meal. We also stopped by the East Side Gallery before heading out for cocktails. 
The night we had planned was a bar crawl – but we failed at the first hurdle. The first hurdle however happened to be the cutest bar in the world. Fairytale is a tiny bar, hidden behind a door you have to knock to enter, the staff are dressed like they’re in a Brothers Grimm story and the champagne cocktail comes in a glass slipper. There are surprises from the minute you open the menu, and a beautiful array of drinks. I had a sake infused gin number that I won’t forget in a long time!
We had planned to head down to check out White Trash Fast Food but after a couple of drinks and 24hrs of being awake all resolve to move on left us and we ordered more and more  cocktails until it was officially time for bed! 
My first visit to Berlin might not have been as long as planned (thanks for that EasyJet) but it was an absolute ball and it more certainly won’t be my last! 

Tell me, where should  be go on the next visit? 

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