I’m learning to make jewellery at The Jewellery Business in Sheffield, but I’m running out of finger, arm and neck space so I thought I’d start selling some of the bits I make in my class and in my craft room to help pay for more time in the studio!
I started making jewellery at an evening class whilst having chemotherapy and I haven’t looked back since!
Wednesday night’s in the studio are my favourite night of the week – not only for because I love making things from silver, but because the ladies I create with are wonderful people!You can find my jewellery here in my Etsy shop.
Oh Gosh Silver
I’ll be posting photos of the jewellery I’ve made on instagram at Oh Gosh Silver so follow me there for updates!

If you have any questions, or would like to chat to me about something I have made and isn’t for sale right now, email me on ohgoshsilver (at) gmail.com.