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Some things I would quite like please. 

Helen at Clear Your Heart is running a little competition as she’s reached 100 followers – she’s asking for people’s Christmas wishlists. And I figured if she is asking for wishlists it can’t be too early to share them with you either….

I just love Pinterest. I ‘pin’ like mad. Anything I like can be categorised and stored in lists. And I seem to like a lot of things. I have lists of things I’d like the home I will never own to look like. I have lists of pretty dresses I could have worn last summer and cool festival gear. I have lists of potential gifts for people. I have lists of crafty projects and baking and cookery ideas I’ll tackle one day, and most importantly right now I have been pulling together wearable wishlists and birthday wishlists

Looking at the lists compiled, it would appear I have some expensive tastes – but hey it’s a WISHLIST. {But in fairness – there are some books/eyelashes/accessories scattered in there} Plus, the next birthday will be a big one. But I could really do with a new laptop, and a pretty one like that one up there would be lovely, or a Kitchen Aid would make my life a load better {I am pretty sure of that!}. And I have dreamed of the Nixon Player for years. And now I have a crack in the LCD on my Canon, I could use a new DSLR……. See everything on that list is needed!

If anyone would like to buy me anything – just drop me an email and i’ll let you know my address 😉

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