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May 9, 2008 No Comments

Two weeks ago my lovely little old{ish} Polo died. when i say died, i mean it rattled, it banged {so loud i thought something was falling out of the engine and i actually walked back down the street to check} and then stopped. Not great i thought.

I managed to coast it round the corned off the main road i was on, and right onto an industrial estate, where i waited, in my ‘it’s friday, i am going out after work’ outfit with the bonnet up and oil gushing out. I am a member of the VW breakdown assistance and to be fair to them, the minute i told them i was on an industrial estate they said it’d be 45 minutes, not 2hrs. BUT not one of the men coming out of the depot whose entrance i was blocking offered to push me out of the way, they just walked and drove round me and it wasn’t until a woman came out and asked if i was ok that i got any help. Men! hu! they’ll stand and laugh, but wont help! Even when you’re weraing a short skirt……

But i digress, the VW garage have told me its going to be about £500-£1000 to fix the problem {something to do with a valve, falling, engine, broken – all i heard was “could be upto a grand”} so when the car is worth about £750, it doesn’t make sense to fix it, especially not when my dad is offering me a new {to me} car!

I have always dreamt of an old style convertable beetle, in a metalic blue/turquoise preferably, with a white hood and white leather interior…….yes, a dream i know, but maybe i could look at a new style beetle……it’s almost the same? And a convertable in england is such a nessesity! honest!

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