To the sea

May 11, 2009 No Comments

This last weekend I was mostly;
  • Driving 500+ miles in 2 days
  • Walking by the beach.
  • Realising I loved the sea more than I thought.
  • Seeing men with parrots and pirate bandana’s.
  • Eating fish and chips looking out onto the Solent. 
  • Having my first ever manicure.
  • Picnicking in the sun.
  • Drinking cocktails, and Limoncello.
  • Opening Christmas gifts.
  • Plotting.
  • Photographing.

 My oldest friend, Katie, and I have known each other since we were 4. Primary school, dance classes, girl guides, 6th form, starting clubbing, snowboarding, boys. We have shared a lot of experiences. And in less than 2 weeks now she gets married to Phil. It amazes me that we aren’t 16 years old anymore. That not only is she a doctor now, but that she’s old enough to get married. 

Not only was it amazing to see Katie this weekend for her hen do, but I got to spend a day or so by the sea. Now I can’t wait for the wedding. And just in case Phil stumbles across this; she is going to look gorgeous, you lucky man! 

More picture can be found here

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