Times are a changing

April 27, 2009 No Comments
Sometimes it takes something a friend says to make you realise that everything has actually changed.
On Saturday night I got a call from a relationship traumatised friend wondering what she should do if the relationship with her man, which has been rocky of late, did finally come to an end. I have no idea what to say to her given my past relationship blunders, other than to reassure her we can go out loads 
As awful as it is knowing your friend is in this place in her life, it did make me realise that everything in my life has changed. I am no longer living with the rents in a cultural void, but 3 lovely girls in Leeds, I have a job that I am actually enjoying, so far, and a boyfriend who, if we overlook his desire to make me pop by cooking an entire cookbook for one meal, is pretty great. A selfish thought I know. But one that I maybe needed to have.
It’s a far cry from my situation 8-9 months ago when I was mourning the breakup with the ex, who had, for the previous 7½ years been my life, {but still hadn’t managed to break out of the routine of sleeping with} living at home with the parents in the previously mentioned cultural void, and sleeping on friends sofa’s and floors when in need of a night out in Sheffield or Leeds. Things weren’t going too well. I was broke, lonely and a bit pissed off with things really.
I never really noticed the moment it changed, but you know what I’m actually pretty happy, still skint, but no-where near as lonely and not so much pissed off as pissed on various alcohols. And the thing that really surprised me is, even though I know my car now would be reliable enough to do it, I haven’t had the urge to jump in my car and run away in a long time*.
*don’t worry, I won’t be like this for long, I am sure! There must be some sort of crisis around the corner. 

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