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September 30, 2008 No Comments

Time seems to be moving so fast at the moment.
Weekend are blurring into one, and the weeks. well. boy am i busy. work is mental.

So, what have i done;
-Spent some much needed time with my nan.
-Discovered 4 on demand and their Desperate Housewives/Ugly Betty repeats – seriously. amazing.
-Sent 3 programmes, 2 invites, and some POS to print, done a shed load of data entry held the fort and answered a lot of emails at work.
-Drank lots of beer – too much?
-Eaten the nicest GBK Portabella Mushroom Burger.
-And my fav Waga dish – Yasai Yaki soba.
-Been to a pirate rum party.
-Had an evening out at Kirkstall Abbey.
-And an afternoon at Bolton Abbey.
-Proved that you really do get better at pool after a beer or two.
-Bought tickets for my london trip to see Liz this next weekend.
-Popped in to see the guys on the B&W developing course, since i wont be joining them this year 🙁
-Discussed snow holidays, and this might be the choice
-Wondered about first date/first time etequette.
-And then found out all the wondering was ignored. {But i hear he’s worth ignoring it for!}

Its not been a bad few weeks.

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