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June 22, 2008 No Comments

This was taken outside my friend, Liz’s, in Putney. It had been drizzling {that fine rain the gets you really wet} and all the flowers were covered in droplets and water. {there are a couple more pics of her garden here}

I had a whirl-wind trip to see Liz in London on Friday evening. We drank daiquiris and ice-cream cocktails and ate French bread and cheese and gossiped until it was late and then we got the train back to Sheffield together on Saturday. We had to battle through the hordes of people making their way to ascot. It was very strange. Every train station was brimming with people, dressed to the nines, and not really moving anywhere – just fluttering as you do in your best clothes. A strange sight to see, but annoying when you have 20 minutes to get 5 tubes stops or you’ll miss your train and your accidental first class seats. {How lucky we were that it was delayed}.

It was strange coming into Sheffield and not Leeds. Its not only the station that has had a face lift, the whole city seems to be getting glammed up. Changing for something. It was nice though. We went to places we had loved – and luckily still love. And giggled like we did as teenagers. And caught the bus home. Like we did as teenagers. {Although that’s not something I’ll be doing again – trust me}.

It was the first day of summer. It rained all day.

And then I spent the whole of Sunday clearing out my ‘old’ room at my parents. If I am going to be inhabiting it for a while then I guess I have to make it mine. I created 3 huge bin bags of clothes to be sent to the charity shop – I should put some on ebay really, but that thought requires me to dig back through the bags and find those items, and I had enough problems letting go of some of it the first time round! I feel much better now. I can hang my clothes up without them being squished by the clothes of my 20 year old self, I can open on of the wardrobes without the fear of everything cascading out on to me, and I don’t have to look at things and wonder how they ever fitted me!

Its quite liberating to clear out all of the old you’s and get on with the new one.

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