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November 10, 2008 No Comments

Things I have learnt this weekend.

  • Going out dressed all nice isn’t bad.
  • Mixing vodka, jager and sambuca gets you pretty drunk.
  • Mobile internet is not a good idea when you are drunk. Gmail’s drunk detector clearly doesn’t apply to facebook! Maybe they should think about installing some sort of test there too.
  • But it does come in handy for googling that guy who said he’s in a band and is chatting up your mate!
  • Dancing on tables in Oporto isn’t such a great idea, but it’s a better one than dancing on their sofa’s.
    Neither is falling off them.
  • Or singing along to the Beach Boys at the top of your voice.
  • When the lights have come up in Sandinista, and its 3.30am, the probably want you to go home.
  • Sitting eating left over noodles at 5am rocks.
  • But getting up for work at 9am the next day sucks.
  • Sometimes getting drunk with the girls is worth the all day hangover then ensues.

i like this discovering who i am business.

thanks girls. x

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