quik to the core

September 5, 2008 No Comments

This working as a favour at quiksilver thing is going to get expensive again.

Always have been and always will be a Roxy winter kind of gal.

Layers. Hoodies. Coats. Beanies. Scarves. Boots. Gloves. Tights. Skirts. Cute knits. Thick Socks

Already have the shorts, the flares, the shirt, some jeans and a tee.
The black coat and the skirt – on the save rail along with 2 hoodies, some thermals, some tweed boots, underwear, one beanie, one felt hat, a red tshirt, and only half the stock has come in………

And the leather jacket – probably an early christmas gift to myself!

And dont get me started on the Quiksilver Women’s Range . They don’t have it in the store i am in, but its at Meadowhall and OMG. check out the website. Pretty much love it all!

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