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I’m not sleeping well right now, but I know this machine and what it’ll tell us is the reason why. Waiting for scan results is hard. But it’s also hard to explain to people that are not in this world…… Imagine every 1/3/6 months (depending on your scan schedule – mine is 3 right now!) taking a test that ultimately determines your future, but it being…

Treatment, scans and a lack of advocacy for Stage IV cancer

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View this post on Instagram A post shared by π”Όπ•ž | 𝕆𝕙 𝔾𝕠𝕀𝕙 (@ohgoshem) on Jun 18, 2020 at 4:09am PDT It’s treatment AND scan day today. So many friends have commented that it’s come round quick. And it has. It really has. They’ve also asked how I’m doing.Full disclosure. I’m weary. And I’m not doing so well right now.It’s hard enough navigating the world with…