a new toy for me?

April 23, 2008 No Comments

I have been taking a black and white photography class for about the last year now. It’s great, we get let loose on a darkroom once a week and can develop and print our own shots. You get to have a bit of a gossip with people, find out about their photography techniques and get inspired a bit, but it’s pretty expensive, and it all adds up. We pay for the class, I guess to pay Jonathan our teacher (who is great) and the use of the room and equipment, and then we have the costs of films and darkroom paper on top of that, which when you’re going once a week, kind of adds up……..which means I am not sure I can carry on going for that much longer, and it’s prompted me to starting thinking about a digital SLR – whilst the initial layout may be a bit more than my last camera, the beautiful Holga, cost me (10quid on ebay) it might be worth it in the long run.

At the moment my SLR experience is limited to film, with my mum’s Canon 1000F (my dad bought it her as a gift some years ago, and upon starting this course I inherited it)

And then I came across a Canon 350d, second hand, in a photography shop. It has a EF lens system so it’ll fit the lenses I have already, and it was quite a bargain, so, I had a bit of a chat with my dad, he knows about these things. But it turns out his ideas are q bit different to mine. He was looking to get one for when they do their big holidays (like the forth coming trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Isles they have planned!) and has offered me a deal, one I think I would be stupid to pass up – he buys a new Canon 400d (the step up from the one I saw) and I look after it for him until he goes on his various hols.

Anyone else see the beauty in that one?

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