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November 12, 2009 No Comments

So, i have often thought of starting a 365 project, but well, it appears that most of them are very narcissistic {and i hate taking pictures of myself} or they get left by the wayside and people end up feeling guilty about them and i know i would be one of those people

But then, I stumbled across Shuttercal – have you seen it? Its a site where you can upload an image for everyday and it shows it on a calendar, like this;

It just feels a little less formal don’t you think? I mean, Flickr is somewhere I send people on a regular basis to see my pictures. Obviously finding it in the middle of a month isn’t ideal, as I don’t have images for the beginning of the month, but I am seeing November as a practise month, and I shall start really in December!

You can even have your images printed off in a months worth of shots, so you have details of what you did everyday that month. Yes, i know. Cool!

But anywhos, you should head on over and check it out.
Here is my Shuttercal page for those of you who are interested……

In some other photography related news – 5 Fuji Instax Mini films arrived for me this morning. I bought them from ebay over a month ago. They finally arrived. AND I am off to get 2 Holga films that I took at Benicassim {yes, you heard me – Benicassim, in July} developed today. So, I am a bit slack, i know it!

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