Sugar Rushes

August 11, 2008 No Comments

My favourite cup cake maker – the wonderful Becky, from Sugar Rush Bakery {and receptionist extraordinaire} – started a new blog last week.

Having been one of her LWP cake testers I know just how yummy those Black Forest cakes she’s showing off are. In my mind they might have just about beaten the Lemon Meringue cakes to the title of my favourites. But it’s a close call.

I am definitely putting an order in for some special cakes for the upcoming 30th birthday celebrations i am organising.

I am pretty excited to see the shots of her little brothers train style cup cake tower. And also the Holga shots she took the other week. I love that I have 120 enthusiasts around me.

Incidentally. The minute I figure out how to use the scanner at my parent’s house. I have some more Holga shots of my own to upload – Some great. Some not so great. Some that could have been bettered if I had taken the lens cap off, or remember to wind the film on for 3 frames in a row! They joy of Holga.

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