A lunch time stalk

April 24, 2009 No Comments

This week the Girls Aloud were staying in the plush ‘42 The Calls‘ hotel just round the corner from the office. 

Oooooh, the excitement. It got too much for us this and half all the office spent our lunch break sat outside the hotel ‘eating lunch in the sun’ and stalking the GA.

What started last Wednesday as a couple of pap’s lurking about, turned into a small mob, flanked by police all clamouring for a glimpse of one of the girls by friday noon. 

I’m not really the biggest fan to be honest, but you know, I’m not one to go against the mob, and there are worse ways to spend your lunch hour – I mean I could have been working, but as it happened, I spent it with the entire of my office and the inhabitants of the offices around me, some paparazzi, a few scallies and a lot of star struck people. The funniest moment has to be the young man who almost wet himself when Cheryl signed his little book. Check him out in the blue shirt lurking in the background of my shots!

It was however the only day this century I forgot my camera and just had my phone on me, so forgive the crappy shots, but this is what I got from my lunch time stalk.

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