A Journey.

August 5, 2009 1 Comment

{image from Orba Square}

I have this dream of running away. Just getting in my car and driving away

Maybe across America. Hiring a car, maybe a pick-up truck, and getting in it and just going where ever I fancy. No routes, no plans. Some good music. A camera and a note book.

I am sure it stems from my parents driving us across California and Nevada and Arizona when I was a kid. We had a few hotels booked and then a Best Western catalogue my brother and I would pick our next hotel.

I think I have some vision it’ll be the America of Kerouac’s novels. Of ‘On the Road’ and ‘Dharma Bums’. And of this Robert Frank photo book.

I know it won’t.

Deep in my heart I know this.

But I think I need to see it for myself.

P.s. So, apparently the boy would like to do the road trip almost as much as I, only I worry he might plan it too well. How would i be late with planning like this;

so it’s 4,432 miles, each leg would be a good day’s drive, so ten days on the road, plus two days in each location would be thirty two days, so a whole calender month. Shall we set off tomorrow?

Also, at 30 miles a gallon, it’d be about 150 gallons of petrol, which in UK prices is about 675 quid.

something to look forward to I reckon….

also, there are 9 places in america called eureka! that’s another trip in itself!!!! Even further cos they’re all over the shop….”

1 Comment

  • Zstep August 5, 2009 at 6:36 pm

    Some interesting destinations on your map to say the least. A couple of comments:

    Texarkana, Las Crusces and Merced are absolute armpits. Not sure why you'd want to go there other than to punish yourself.

    Gas here in the States is currently running between $2.40 and $3.00 per gallon so cut your estimated gas expense in half.

    Getting from Flagstaff to Las Vegas is an incredible pain in the ass. You wouldn't think so by looking at a map but unless they've re-opened Hoover Dam to drive over (closed after 9/11 for terror concerns and vulnerability), you'd have to take a huge loop around it to get there from the west. That said, if you ever do drive to Vegas, make sure you arrive at dusk or night. The lights from the Strip are absolutely spectacular.

    Also, Portland is pretty but quite dull. Seattle is awesome however but an extra 8 hours pronbably.

    Just a few opinions from a Yank who has been to most of your destinations.

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