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I have been thinking about holidays a lot recently. Yes I know I just came back from France and he snowboarding trip, but this time of year, with the bank holidays looming, it always makes me think of being away.

I am the sort of person who always needs an adventure on the horizon, and I don’t have one right now. and I love planning for an adventure, sometimes I spend an evening just planning where I WOULD go to, if I ever made it that place.

I never have enough time though to fit it all in. 2 weeks is never enough. You get there, and you have a few days to unwind, chill out and relax on the beach/by the pool, and then before you know it a week has gone by and you’re not done a thing, and spend your last week cramming bits in here and there.

I guess I was spoilt as a child. We went to Cornwall, to the same places {The Ferry Boat Inn and Portscatho} every year and we knew what would happen, we would meet up with old friends who did the same, we would sail and go to the beach and eat bbq and make our parents mad as they’d never know where we were, and you never needed to fit it all in as it just happened, and you had been there before and you would be back at the next holiday and you kind of belonged there in a way.

But when it’s a new place, and there is so much to do, and you just have the 2 weeks, its different. You have to make it all fit, and there are so many places to see and so many places to go to. Take last year. We went to Morocco, and spent a week or so in Agadir, but then took off to explore Marrakesh and Essaouira – now, if only we’d have don’t that sooner, I would have spent all my time in Essaouria. It was beautiful. I loved the white washed wall, the harbour, the laid back vibes, the souks {so much easier to navigate than Marrakesh’s. It was just a bit more ‘me’ than the tourist hole that is Agadir.

On my next trip, I think I need to take less time to unwind {it does always bore me a bit} and more time exploring. I just have to decide where to go. I am thinking Road Trip!

{photo by me, Essaouira Windows – Check out more on my flickr)

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